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img2 The System Power Gear is ideally located & equipped with full fledge of Manufacturing & Testing facilities having flexibility in our production system. To enable us meet additional requirement of short notice through our customer. Workmen ship is not a matter of chance. But is the result of persistence efforts at each stage of production. Our team of well trained & qualified staff. Continuously monitor at the each level of prescribed guidelines in production process. All bus bar made of high conductivity electrolyc aluminium / copper material providing with heat shrinkable insulation sleeves with colour code of Phase / Neutral identification. The bus bar joints are using high strength Bolt, nuts, Plain & Spring washer with zinc plated material. img3 All control power wiring shall be used 1100/650V coloured PVC Insulated copper wires, with suitable socket & lugs terminated with the galvanized zinc plated bolt nut with spring & plain washers. The minimum height of the panel will be for 1800mm & the maximum length of the panel will be 2500mm. The operating height of the handles / Pushbutton of electric components are for easy operation maintenance of the height from 500mm to 1800mm as the IS standards. Before testing all panels will have visual inspection & note the actual clearance of minimum bus bar clearance ā€“ Phase to Phase, Phase to Neutral, Phase to earth. Providing with the earth bolt & earth bus bar marking & hylum barrier for bus bar chamber and danger board, name plate with circuit identification label as per the drawing. Finally the panel will tested by 1000 V / 200 Meg Ohm Megger and apply the High Voltage of 2.5 KV Per Minute as per I.S. Standard.

Manufacturing Facility

Full details of manufacturing facilities: 1. Hydraulic Sheet Shearing & Bending Machine.
2. Drilling & Grinding Machines.
3. Arc welding / spot welding upto 400A Capacity.
4. Manual drilling / angle grinding / sandering machine.
5. Full fledged painting shop with paint backing oven.

Manufacturing Process

The construction of the panel board shall be fabricated from 2.5 /2/1.6mm thickness of CR Steel. It will be made with vertical section & couple arrangement shall form continuous dead front switch board. The degree of production being made not less than IP 52 of IS 2147. The Full structure of the panel is mounted on 6mm thickness of ā€œCā€ Channel (75 x 40) with adequately supported & having suitable lifting Hooks. All metal parts are cleaned by Erro Guard of Three in One Anti Corrosive chemical by removing greas / oil / rust before the surface. The undersurface shall be prepared by applying a coat of phosphate paint and a coat of yellow zinc chromite primer. The undersurface shall be made free from all imperfections before undertaking the final coat. After preparation of the under surface, the panel shall be spray painted with final two coats of approved enamel Paint. The finished panels shall be dried in stoving ovens in dust free atmosphere. Panel finish shall be free from imperfections like pin holes, orange peels, runoff paint etc., The bus bar chamber & cable alley will be suitable size and providing with FRP/SMC/Epoxy supporters at the equal intervals in order with the short circuit current capacity of the 50KA RMS. Individual feed of inter connection shall be suitable copper / Aluminium bus bar from 100A. Below the 60A current carry capacity will be PVC Insulated copper conductor will be provided with the lugs both end.

Testing Facility

1. Omic value with 100 Volts / 200 Meg Ohms Megger.
2. H.T (Insulation Test) with break-down tester upto 5 K.V.
3. Efficient OMIC of Central Circuit for Digital Multimeter, HPO 1000V D.C./750 V AC Voltage.
4. Having Micro Meter measuring thickness of gauge materials.
5. Testing facilities available with KWH, KW, PF current Transformer Contractor / Over Load Relays